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She's not just a sidekick


The new Harley Quinn cartoon show on the DC channel is, hands down, absolutely worth the $7/month to get it. Or wait a couple of months until it all drops (13 episodes, 1 per week like real tv used to do).

This might be the best animated thing DC has done since Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Because it's super-villains, nothing is off-limits and so far, this show has been knocking it out of the park. They dig deep into the DC back-catalog of villains and everyone gets a pretty well-rounded personality. It's funny and goofy but its central idea: Harely doesn't need the Joker and can be a major super-villain in her own right is a deep and compelling premise that carries a lot of other stuff along with it in delightful ways.

Well worth checking out
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