Blue Gargantua (bluegargantua) wrote,
Blue Gargantua

Pounded by a Critical Hit in My Butt

Tags: rpgs

  • Where's the beef?

    Hey, Today I learned that Wendy's (yes, the hamburger chain) has released an RPG. It's short, but fairly complete. Is it good? Who knows?…

  • Pelican Tracks -- Entry 4

    I keep this journal so I don’t have to keep track of all my lies. Sadly I can’t consult it in most social settings. Luckily, our supper with the…

  • Pelican Tracks -- Entry 1

    Hi, I’m playing in an RPG! It’s been a while. For this outing, we’re using Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM) which is a universal game system with a…

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