Blue Gargantua (bluegargantua) wrote,
Blue Gargantua

FInal Eclipse Reminder


So August 21st, 2017, my hometown of Ravenna, Nebraska will be under the line of totality and will experience a total eclipse of the sun. I'm going home to watch it and there's crash space available at my parent's place. If you're interested in checking it out, please let me know.

This is my last reminder, I need to get a solid head count early so that we can start planning for the trip. Securing plane tickets and rental cars may be a bit tricky so better to get that stuff locked down earlier rather than later.

I know a few of you have expressed actual or tentative interest. This is basically Last Call. If you really want to go please email me. Don't reply to this post or PM me or whatever -- email me -- even if I know you want to go. I need to build up a contact list and I don't want to miss anyone because I forgot to check the comments to a post. Also, I want to set up a short meeting in mid-February so everyone who wants to go can meet up and we can cover the basics of scheduling for the event. I don't think this will take too long. Probably an hour, maybe two if there's a lot of discussion -- I'll try and keep things moving along. So when you email me, let me know dates that are good for you to have this meeting. I'm thinking this will probably happen on a weeknight rather than weekend. Hopefully I won't have to resort to a doodle poll.

So. Eclipse Viewing Trip to Nebraska in August 2017. If you're set on going, send me an email and let me know some dates you'd be ok with sitting down for about an hour to discuss the trip and get organized.

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