Blue Gargantua (bluegargantua) wrote,
Blue Gargantua

Eclipse Reminder


  Just a reminder that there will be a total eclipse of the sun on August 21st this year and my hometown of Ravenna, Nebraska will be right under the line of totality (i.e. the eclipse will be fully visible, the moon eats the sun, yadda-yadda).  If you'd like to see it, my folks are offering crash space for anyone who'd like to join me.  I've got a couple of people who've confirmed they'd like to go, but there's still some room.  If you're interested in actually going, let me know.  In February, I'll organize a planning meeting for people who want to go.  If you just want to be in and out to see the eclipse, that's great, if you'd like to plan out a vacation that includes the eclipse viewing, I can help you find an itinerary that will suit your needs. 


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