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I like to think it's the same notebook just different pages


So in the new Captain America movie, Cap has this notebook where he jots down things he needs to see, read, hear, learn -- the man's been on ice for 50-60 years and there's so much he needs to learn.

This article shows that when the movie was released in foreign countries, some of the information in the notebook changed to be more relevant to the country the movie is showing in. So in Russia Cap needs to learn about Yuri Gagarin and in the UK it's the Beatles and Sean Connery.

Which shows an interesting level of awareness and consideration about the international market. But the best thing? The Very. Best. Thing?

One of the items Cap needs to bone up on when he's in Brazil is Xuxa!

You either know why that's the most awesome thing in the world or you too need to find out more about Xuxa. I'm just going to say she's an incredibly popular children's entertainer in Brazil and that Brazil has some fascinating ideas about children's entertainment.

Man...Derek would've loved this :(
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