Blue Gargantua (bluegargantua) wrote,
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So a few years ago I fixed the flapper in my toilet (the bit that clamps down and seals the tank so that water doesn't flow into the bowl). This was a serious leak that improved my water bill immensely when I fixed it.

Over the past year, my water bill has been inching up again. I know I'm probably using more water in general than I have in the past, but it still felt weird that it would be going up so consistently. Today, when I was cleaning the toilet, I realized that there was the hiss of water leaking. It could be that the flapper/seal is still faulty and is leaking, but I suspect that it might be the float because if I put my hand in the tank, that displaced enough water to raise the float a bit and stop the hiss.

It doesn't sound like the float is leaking or has water in it. Perhaps I need a new arm for the float with a better angle in it or something. Any ideas from the internet on how to troubleshoot this (to prove it's the float or the flapper) and what I could do about it (other than install new equipment, I expect to do that, but is there some trick of the trade I should be aware of)?

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